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Brazil Activities and Learning Modules

Brazil Unit

Brazil - Lesson 1 - Introduction

Brazil- Lesson 2 - Fact Files

Brazil - Lesson 3 - Physical Features

Brazil - Lesson 4 - Population

Brazil! game, puzzle, quiz

Samba for Kids

Music Styles (background)

Easy Fun School Unit on Brazil 

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

See Also: South America 

For Kids

Brazil (Thinkquest)

Journey into Amazonia

The Rainforest 

Kids Corner Brazil 

Fact Monster - Brazil  

Canela of Brazil (Native Americans) 

Iguazu Falls

Brazil - The Lady in the Tutti-Frutti Hat


Images of Brazil

Useful words and phrases in Portuguese for Children 

Rio de Janeiro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Movies Featuring the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil

Brazil Links (Cool Planet)

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Free Video Clips

Free Clip Art


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